Monday, January 3, 2011

Eagles Tuesday Game and TCU WORLD CHAMPS

Two thoughts:

First, lots of crying going on when the Eagles/Vikings game had to be moved to Tuesday because of possible snow. You got officials and players and announcers and your fucking mom crying that the league is super pussy now. Apparently, real men play in the snow, which is fine, but all the fans that have to trek through the dangerous weather better be real men too if they want to live to get to the game.

The main argument against the move was that if the Eagles don't clinch a bye, they'll have to play three times in ten days. Can't real men play three games in ten days?

Second, on Sportsnation, 52% of the voters believed that TCU deserves a piece of the national championship. Initially, I was going to say bullshit, but then all the reason I thought were bullshit, weak schedule, small conference with no automatic bid, and being a fuck face were all bullshit reasons in of themselves because the whole system is bullshit. You can't cry bullshit about TCU's claim for a piece of the title if the system bullshits a National Champion.

I mean, think about the argument of the BCS: The two best teams will play for the title game and whoever wins that is the best. Okay, how do you determine the two best teams? We look at a bunch of shit including schedule, losses, how many times you got caught doing weed, celebrity sex tapes, and how many times you got caught hitting your wife. Alright, just the first two. Okay, so even though you're arguing that a team has to have a perfect season to be the best - which AMERICAN SPORTS HISTORY SHOWS THAT'S BULLSHIT - so what happens if you have more than two undefeated teams? Uhh, well, strength of schedule. What if the strength of schedule is the same? Uhhh, if you're an automatic bid school or an unrecognized conference school. Wow, that's some elitist shit. TCU had the same fucking strength of schedule and record as Oregon, but TCU gets assed out because they're at an unrecognized conference? Uhh, well, you can only pick two, so someone gets assed out. No, fucko. That's my motherfucking point. Teams that are worth it to give a chance, should have a shot. Don't cry that TCU is making a bullshit argument because the BCS Championship is a bullshit argument.

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