Thursday, July 19, 2007

Asian Cup Quarterfinals

This is Patrick N over at Japan. I've just taken advantage of a special service where if you are too drunk to drive, you call some bitch to drive your car and a taxi drives the hired drive home. That shit was only 20 bucks. Cheaper than a taxi! The world is much better equip to deal with drinking than America is, sniff sniff.

The U-20 World cup looks to be Argentina vs. the Czech Republic, but since I missed every one of my quarterfinal predictions, Imma shut up about U-20.

The big soccer event here in Japan is the Asian Cup with the semifinal match ups looking like Iraq/Vietnam, Iran/Korea, Japan/Australia, and Saudi Arabia/Uzbekistan (WHO?). Iraq/Iran would be a fun match up just because of the politics between them lately. The thing with this tournament is that there really isn't a domanant team. Australia looks the closest to be a favorite with Mark Viduka (3 goals), Michael Beauchamp (1), and Tim Cahill (1) scoring goals for them, but Australia's defense blows. Against a high scoring Japanese team headed by Naohiro Takahara (3) followed by Shunsuke Nakamura (2), this tournament can go to anyone. The big surprise is Vietnam who makes good on their first chance ever in this cup by qualifying for the quarterfinals. It's not so much as Vietnam is good, but more that the other two teams that were in their group (United Arab Emirates and Qatar) sucked cock. I got to see the Saudi team the other day while in Japan and they looked pretty good.

In transfer news, Chelsea and Real Madrid have similar interests. My favorite two teams fighting over the same players. That's like two girls fighting over me. Win/win.

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