Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Draft Countdown Rendered Moot

My lovingly updated multimedia draft extravaganza has been rendered useless.

The Dolphins today announced that they have signed Michigan tackle Jake Long, who I had going second in the draft, and will therefore make him the #1 pick.

I had Long going second, to the St. Louis Rams. This likely means that the Rams will select either pass rusher Chris Long, who I had going to the Dolphins, or defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey, who I've got going third.

Shaun Alexander has gone from MVP to unemployed in only 2 years. The Seahawks released him today, and will go with a combo of Julius Jones and TJ Duckett at running back in 08.


Perhaps most importantly, a blockbuster trade took place yesterday. The Chiefs traded Jared Allen, who led the league with 15 1/2 sacks last year in only 14 games, to the Vikings for the Vikings first round pick (#17 overall). Minnesota now has not only the best defensive tackle tandem in the game in Pat and Kevin Williams, but arguably now has the best pass rusher in the game in Allen. They also have Adrian Peterson. Now if only they could do something about that quarterback situation.

As for the Chiefs, they now have the sixth and seventeenth picks overall. I still say they should use that pick on Matt Ryan, because they need a QB desperately, and Ryan is the only one worth using the sixth pick on. At the same time, he won't be available at 17, because the Jets will likely snap him up with the 7th pick, and if they don't, the Ravens definitely will with the eighth pick. So, if they want to take a stab at solving their QB problem, they'll have to grab their sack and use that 6th pick on it, then use that 17th pick on a less glamorous offensive tackle or defensive lineman or something like that.

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