Saturday, April 5, 2008

Third Hand News

Blogging about the NFL in the lull between free agency and the draft isn't the most exciting thing in th world.

I suppose I could post daily mock drafts where I pontificate on the 40 time of some guy who is going to be a 7th defensive back for the Panthers or something like that, but I tend to be of the opinion that all the draft hype is a giant circle jerk, so I won't do that. Make no mistake, once the draft happens I will pick it apart in exhaustive fashion, but there's just too much Opening Week baseball love going on in my world right now to go into detail on the finer points of choosing between Howie Long's son and Glen Dorsey.

But...that said....that doesn't mean there's not some third hand news to report.

- Remember a few weeks ago when Brett Favre retired hours after Randy Moss resigned with the Patriots? Remember how I said there was something to that? Well, now there's heavy mouth breathing going on regarding Favre coming out of retirement, to play for a different team. Favre denied it in an SI interview this week, but where there's smoke there's usually fire.

Favre was super pissed last year when the Packers failed to get Moss, and when they failed again this year, I'm of the opinion that was the last straw for him with the Packers. He still wants to play, he just doesn't want to play for the Packers. That said, he doesn't have a whole lot of other options. There aren't too many contending teams with a glaring need for a starting QB. I really can't think of even one. Maybe Minnesota. Maybe. Expect Favre to stay retired.

- The Bengals are short one delinquent, having finally cut lose WR Chris Henry this week after he was arrested for something, again. This reminds me of a GM situation on me and my brother's fantasy team last fall, when Henry came back from suspension. Brother wanted to sign Henry, I'm like "Hells no, that guy is a jagoff and he looks like Juwanna Mann." End of discussion. No Chris Henry for us.

- Apparently there are rumors swirling that the Eagles will trade Donovan McNabb before the draft. McNabb told the Philly Inquirer that Andy Reid assured him those rumors were false. Then he threw up on everyone.

- In more news from the Cincinnati Bengals Behavioral Health Hospital, Marvin Lewis has said the Bengals are prepared to face 2008 without unhappy WR Chad Johnson. Ocho Nutso commented on that by saying, and I quote, "The player is not gonna change. Chad has to do what's right for Chad.". I am totally going to say that to my boss lady during my next review. Except of course, I will probably say "Nick" instead of "Chad". I might say "Chad" though.

- And finally, the Cubs are blowing dick in this first week of the MLB season. Bwahahahahaha.

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