Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Random NFL, EPL, La Liga, and even MLB

I know I haven't written any real articles lately. Most of it (here comes excuse) comes from using all my spare time to work on "Craplacticos: Rivalry," the next video series I'm coming out with. It's amazing how I can work 4 hours to produce 4 minutes of video. I decided to take this extra time and just write some random thoughts about the NFL, soccer, and a little showing off of my MLB gear.


The NFL Draft goes over the span of two days and involves players many people have never even seen play. Why does this become a ratings grabber? Why do we need 14 analysts on ESPN for the NFL Draft? For that matter, why do we WANT 14 analysts for the NFL Draft?

The NFL Draft works because teams legitimately can create a contender just building through the draft. Think of this: The Giants got a "C" grade from ESPN and all their players became starters, and they won a Superbowl with them. The NFL Draft is so hard to predict because teams draft (or should draft) on physical ability, not on accolades or college accomplishments. As a result, players that don't throw up huge numbers in college can do well in the pros because the teams that draft them train them with the best resources and knowledge in the sport.

Lots of sports sites like ESPN and SI.com give the "winners" and "losers" of the draft or draft grades, but they are often wrong. I can safely say that Bill Parcells drafts big ass guys, the Chiefs are looking to start a whole new team, and fuck Michael Vick, the Dog Whisperer.


Media got all butthurt about Avram Grant (or as Chelsea fans call him, the Clueless One) being a dick to them for not answering their questions with more than 3 words. Chelsea's Frank Lampard's mother died from pneumonia, so he couldn't play in the Man U match. Man U was 3 points up over Chelsea with 3 matches to go. Chelsea needed a win here to put the two teams at least level in points (Man U would still win the title on Goal Differential). Ballack scores a header for Chelsea to bring them up 1-0. Then Ricardo "Where's My Mourinho" Carvalho fucks up and gives a bad pass to a limping Rooney for a game-tying goal. Chelsea Forward Drogba and Ballack fight over who should take a free kick late in the game. Things looked really bad for Chelsea. Then, Chelsea gets a handball penalty kick and wins the match.

Man U was so mad, England interm-captain and Man U captain Rio kicks some poor chick leaving stud marks on her leg. Five other Man U players threw down with Chelsea groundkeepers. With two matches left, Man U has a chance to do the double (win EPL and Champions League) or get nothing. UH OH.


I'm going to ditch work ERRRRR call in sick next week Wednesday to watch Barcelona and Real Madrid play. The shame in this was the drama that could have been building up to it. It is tradition in La Liga that if a team clinches the championship, the next match will have the opposing team do a sort of champions celebration where they stand in a line in honor of the champion. That could have happened in the game I was going to watch where Barcelona would have to do the celebration for Real Madrid. The rumor went that if Barcelona did have to do the celebration for Real Madrid, they would put in the youth team instead of the starting team. Alas, things didn't fall into place.

Barca DID lose but...
Villareal won.

So Real Madrid, even though they won, had to wait until next week to clinch. Sniff sniff.


I just bought some sick Cubs gear. Check it:

Suck it.

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