Sunday, May 11, 2008

Manchester United Repeat as EPL Champions

Settled on the last day of the season, Manchester United won the EPL 2007-8.

Manchester United needed to win against a defiant Wigan to clinch the EPL title. Chelsea needed to win and for Manchester United to tie or lose to win the title. Both games played at the same time (or tried to), which added major drama.

Manchester United struck first on a bullshit penalty call that a terrible playing Cristiano Ronaldo converted. On the other channel, Chelsea scored on Bolton from substitute "Waste-of-Money" Shevchenko. The pressure was on Man U. Wigan was piling on the pressure and it would only take one goal from Wigan and Chelsea would become EPL champs. An obvious penalty for Man U not called evened out the bullshit penalty they got. As it got down to the wire, Scholes scored for Man U to solidify Man U's EPL title. Meanwhile, Chelsea lets Bolton score to tie them in the final minute of stoppage time in a now meaningless match. Manchester United repeat as champions. manchester United are deservingly the champions after a great season of offensive onslaught.

May 21st, these two teams meet again, this time in Moscow, to determine the Champions League title. Guess who's getting a little sick near the 21st...

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