Saturday, June 14, 2008

Euro 08- Kinda Like The World Cup I Guess- Day 7


Welllllity, wellity, I was last week making fun of Romania for being a bunch of vampires and stuff, and look at them now.

Like the gypsys they are, they have cursed the championship hopes of first France, and now Italy. Only the healing powers of the Romanian's gypsy tears can save the Italian squad now, as the defending World Cup Champions stumble into their Group of Death finale against France with a but a single point to their name.

It could have been worse. Romania scored first when Adrian Mutu, of Italy Serie A's Fiorentina, put a goal in that was a gift from Italy's defense. Mutu intercepted what was supposed to be a header pass to the goalie, and put it in the net. Italy equalised like 2 seconds later, but shortly after Romania was awarded a PK that looked like it was going to doom the Italians. Gianluigi Buffon came up huge though and made the stop (pictured above) on Mutu to keep the game at 1-1.

Please to note, Italy had a goal disallowed in the 1st half when Luca Toni's score was nullified after he was ruled offside, wrongly. Julie Foudy broke that down for me on, and she called Toni "Luca Tona". Even our American soccer "experts" are clueless.

They are living it up in the hash bars and legal brothels all over Amsterdam this weekend, as Holland, for the second straight match, destroyed one of the 06 World Cup finalists, this time embarrassing the French 4-1.

Holland's Eredivisie may be terrible, but the Dutch national team has a lot of guys that play for some tippy top clubs. Liverpool's Dirk Kuyt opened the scoring in the 1oth minute, then in the second half an Orange Crush of goals deluged the French, as Arsenal's Robin Van Perise, and Real Madrid's Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder all scored.
The Netherlands advances to the second round as the winner of the Group of Death, while France meets Italy in a game that not only is a must-win for both teams (as opposed to must win or tie), but they'll need help from Holland's reserves, as most of the starters will be out for their finale against Romania. If Romania beats Holland, then both France and Italy are going home to drown their sorrows in wine, cheese, and sex.

Netherlands 6 PTS
Romania 2
Italy 1
France 1

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