Friday, March 20, 2009

Champions League Quarter Draw

So I was in a rush to leave my house and my wife goes, "HAY PATRICK N. CAN YOU PLEASE PUT THE CLOTHES IN THE DRYER." So being the cool guy I am, I did it. An hour later my wife texts me, "THANKS PATRICK N FOR PUTTING THE CLOTHES IN THE DRYER. Next time, can you please turn it on too?" Why people get all greedy with help?

Coincidentally, I was hanging with Oli Porter to find he used to be an ex-boxer. I was pretty scared.

Champions League Quarterfinals Draw

Villarreal vs. Arsenal

These two teams actually play the same type of high-level team game. Arsenal looks to advance because I'm hoping they don't if I pick them.

Manchester United vs. Porto

Porto wanted any team that wasn't Barca, Bayern, or Man U. Oh. 11 in the box and hail mary to the other side of the field is what I'd do.

Liverpool vs. Chelsea

Are you serious? First Oli's team stomps on my Real Madrid. Now they get my Chelsea? I ALWAYS WIN IN A REMATCH. Chelsea is scrappy now while Liverpool is just...well 4-1 on Man U should probably show the Fresh Contract Extensioned Rafa Benitez knows how to plan high pressure matches. Mother. Why couldn't they draw Man U? WHY.

Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich

This is the best match up of the Quarters. Both teams are offensive monsters. Please dear god Bayern win. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


As for Jay Cutler, I really don't get why he's so butthurt. If he got traded, he could have asked to renegotiate his contract and would be rollin' in a non-rebuilding team. Now he's crying and Denver can't trade his ass anywhere. I hope they send his ass to Detroit. As for the Denver new brass, you have the 30th ranked defense in the NFL last year and the first thing you do is mess with the offense? Whaaaaaaaaat?

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