Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jason Taylor comes back to Miami

Sometimes, money is not enough; especially when you have a lot.

Jason Taylor left the Miami Dolphins to make about $8 mil with the Redskins. He then reached some kind of epiphany and realized that spending time with your family is more important than making 7 million more but being away from your family. You only get to grow with your kids once.

In the end, money wasn't a factor in his final decision to return to the Dolphins. Earlier this week, he got word to the Dolphins to put together an offer that fit within their budget and salary cap. Because he had been averaging $7 million a year since the early 2000s, Taylor wasn't under any financial pressure to play.

"Jason told me, 'Tell the Dolphins whatever fits their budget, I'm ready to play," Wichard said. "There were no negotiations. It was always going to be Miami." -ESPN

Most of us would take more money, but we weren't making an average of $7 mil a year for that last 8 years. Even so, I rarely get to see stories like this, so hooray for Jason Taylor. And just in case you think Bill "Jap-play" Parcells would be butthurt about the way this guy left Miami a year ago:

When asked if the decision to take Taylor back was difficult, Bill Parcells, Miami's executive vice president of football operations, told ESPN, "If we can get Lawrence Taylor to come back, we'll take him, too."


Oli said...

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