Sunday, May 10, 2009



Here's the thing with the Chelsea/Barca Champions League abortion. Yeah, there were four clear penalties that should have been called. Yeah, I don't understand why UEFA puts terrible refs in anything Champions League and then wonders why people cry. And yeah, if there was UEFA conspiracy to not make it an all EPL final because UEFA has made it pretty obvious that they hate the EPL (5+7 rule, salary caps), then it was a good day for UEFA. Even with all this bullshit, I still blame Chelsea. You have a 1-0 lead and a man up and a zillion shots on goal that you should have finished. When you don't finish, you take the chance of getting screwed at the end. Never ever take a chance.

Drogba and Ballack will probably be banned (rumors from UEFA say Drogs is going to be out 6 months), but those two guys suck anyway it's cool.

By the way, why would UEFA cry "respect campaign" if they continue to put controversial refs in super-big games? Want respect? Put a ref that knows a hand ball is a hand ball.

Brett Farve is thinking of coming back again. Usually, I would say OH GODDDDDDDD but it's the Vikings. Green Bay put all these clauses to prevent the Jets from ever trading Farve to their rivals. RETIREMENT FIXES THAT, DAWGS. Farve totally hates the current admin in Green Bay and that is one of the reasons he wants to come back. I REALLY hope this happens so he can face off against Aaron "They Picked Me Last" Rodgers. MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

Do you hear Arsenal sing? Noooooooooooo NOooooooooooooo
Do you hear Arsenal sing? Nooooooooooooooooooooo. noooooooooooooooooOOO.
Do you hear Arsenal sing? I can't hear a fucking thing!!!!1111

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