Friday, November 6, 2009

Tom Cable: Loser or Piece of Shit?

Is a record of 2-6 really worth keeping this dipshit as head coach of the Oakland Raiders? I would have fired this guy already, but you know Al "PowerPoint" Davis wants to prove everyone wrong by hiring the next hotel manager or bus driver as a head coach. Now you have Tom Cable: strategic mastermind, hero, woman beater. That was a multiple-choice test, btw. Here is a detailed history of Tom Cable's life:

1989: Beat his first wife
1999: Beat his girlfriend
2009: Beat his girlfriend
2009: Only beat two teams as NFL head coach

So from my extensive and detailed research, you can see that Al Davis thought Tom Cable's experience of giving women white, wheat, and the sourdough sides of his hand was enough experience to coach his team. Having already made a mockery of Al Davis's Raider slogans of "Just win baby" and "Commitment to Excellence," he now has added a new slogan: "Commitment to beating women, baby." See what I did there? That was so awesome of me.

Davis, you don't need a PowerPoint presentation to prove to everyone why you should fire Tom Cable, just do it already.

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