Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Boise State, World Champs of Whining and Complaining

Boise State sucks balls...they beat Tulsa 28-21, the same Tulsa that lost to shitty Oklahoma 45-0, Boise's big "test" in the WAC was against the great Nevada team that LOST 35-0 TO NOTRE DAME....NOTRE DAME!! 35-0!! Boise won that game 44-33. So they gave up 33 points to a team that got shut out by a team who plays defense like a Lingerie Football League team...Boise is the champs at one thing..bitching and complaining..they are definitely BCS caliber at that. Seriously if they played Alabama, Alabama would hang 80 points on them. Nobody wants to see that, and would destroy Boise's program and every other program who gets delusions of grandeur because they can consistently beat up on the New Mexico States of the world. If Boise State is sick of playing TCU in their bowl game, I've got a solution, schedule them in the regular season instead of having a non-conf schedule that consists of UC Davis and a bunch of MAC bottom feeders. If you beat them in the regular season maybe you'll have some credibility and won't have to prove yourselves during the bowl season. I hate you Boise St. I hate you so much I'm going to post this as a regular article too. *Originally posted as comment to Patrick's BCS preview.

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