Friday, February 12, 2010

Congrats! You are a hypocrite racist.

Not shortly after I make a six episode bukake-fest on Sepp Blatter that took four months to make, he makes my videos even more relevant with his latest retarded blasts. Seppy's crying about people saying South Africa is a pretty terrible and unsafe pick for a World Cup. Gee, maybe it has something to do with people getting capped in Angola. By the way, Togo, the people that got capped, got banned for two tournaments for pulling out of this year's tournament because they were mourning players that died. I don't see how that is not proof enough that South Africa is a shithole. People died because of your tournament and you banned them for pulling out. How do you think they will react when teams from the World Cup come and get capped? Seppy thinks it's nonsense that people are scared of South Africa because the attack on Togo players was political. So you're telling me that there are no political tensions when the REST OF THE WORLD comes strolling into their home? Exposed again, dickless!

Then Blatter cries that Europe takes all the best things from Africa and now they are taking the best players from there. Hey, douchebag. How about you mention that Africa fucking sucks with the worst standard of living in the universe, and that when Europe "takes" African players, they are actually giving these people better lives. Oh, those fucking Europeans! That makes you a racist, Seppy. Stop calling Europeans a bunch of slave owners.

Seppy's still in denial of being a racist asshole with his excellent commentary on the John Terry controversy. He decided to open his mouth and say that South Americans would call John Terry a hero for fucking someone's girlfriend while he's still married. Hey, dickhead. Not all South Americans support infidelity you fucking asshole. This guy goes off talking shit on South Americans and ALL OF EUROPE while he hit and runs from the scene of his accident. Sepp Blatter's a racist hypocrite that calls out everyone that tells the truth. This guy thinks he's God of Soccer, and so he runs his mouth about the most retarded shit. Maybe Seppy should turn that moral compass on himself and realize he's got more in common with Hitler than he does with God.

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