Friday, February 5, 2010

John Terry- He's a Complicated Man

So the Big Story in soccer over the last week has been the revelation that Chelsea star, and probably more importantly, England captain John Terry has been outed as having had an affair with the the former girlfriend of England teammate and Man City defender Wayne Bridge.

I know this is a huge story because it was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal yesterday, and I think they were talking about it a lot on Fox Football Fone In on Monday, I say I think because it's really hard to concentrate with Temryss Lane (below) being on that show and all. I mean, my God...if John Terry was having an affair with her I might understand what the big deal was..

Oh wait, yes they were talking about it. I know this because the same thing happened to co-host Eric Wynalda back in 1998, when the captain of the US team had a thing going with his wife, not just his girlfriend, and Wynalda says it helped contribute to the US' big faceplant in the 98 World Cup. Wynalda's wife was probably cheating on him because he's such a smug bastard, but I can only speculate on that.

Anyway, I guess I don't get why this is such a big deal. You expect me to believe this type of thing doesn't happen all the time? And now it's such a big kerfluffle that everyone in England has their petticoats all in a ruffle over this? Why?

This doesn't even seem like it should be at all surprising. In reading the WSJ article, it seems like Terry is a reprehensible dude. Among his past transgressions listed in that article:

- Drunken heckling of American tourists in 2001 regarding the WTC attack
- 2008 parking his Bentley in a handicapped spot
- Giving unauthorized Training Ground tours to journalists at 10,000 pounds a pop
- Getting caught up in this infidelity scandal after being named "Dad of the Year" in England in 2009 by the good people at Daddy's Sauce.

So it looks to me like Terry is at best a rogue and at worst an asshole. So why is this such a big deal? As for Bridge, get over it, if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it, no? Uhhhhh, the English are sooo weird. In America, our sports stars do it right. If they cheat on their wives, they do it with 16 different women. Then get beat up with a golf club.

- Back on the pitch alot of action in domestic tournaments this week. The Cinderella boys of the FA Cup, Leeds United, have turned back into a pumpkin. Jermain Defoe's hat trick vaulted Spurs to 3-1 win at Leeds, advancing Tottenham to the 5th round of the tournament. Leeds had knocked out Man U in the third round.

- In the Copa del Rey, Sevilla got out to a commanding lead in their semifinal matchup with Getafe. They won the first leg 2-0 with a goal from Brazil starter Luis Fabiano. It looks like it will be Sevilla v. Atletico Madrid in the final, as Atletico pounded Racing Santander 4-0 in the other semifinal.

- Inter Milan has a slim 1-0 lead over Fiorentina in the semis of the Coppa Italia. Diego Milito had the only goal of the match at the San Siro on Wednesday, but Fiorentina, which is also still alive in the Champions League, still has a pretty decent shot at getting into the finals of the Coppa Italia. The winner of that semi will almost certainly face red hot AS Roma, who won their first leg 2-0 at home against Udinese. Roma is unbeaten in 18 matches, and has pulled even with AC Milan for second place in Serie A.

- Marseille is in the finals of the Coupe de la Ligue after a come from behind 2-1 win at Toulouse. Evaeyerson Brandau won it with his second goal of the match, in the 104th minute.

- Looking ahead to Saturday, in the EPL we've got the Merseyside derby featuring two teams in pretty good form. Liverpool and Everton are both unbeaten in their last 5 matches, and Liverpool has been moving steadily up the table and now is only 1 point out of the 4th spot that they've set their sights on. The team they trail, Tottenham, is home against an Aston Villa club that has scuffled of late, getting only 1 win in their last 5 EPL matches.

- In La Liga, league leaders Barca and 2nd place Real Madrid are both in action at home on Saturday. Barca faces 7th place Getafe, while Real hosts 14th place Espanyol.

- LaDanian Tomlinson has told the San Diego Union Tribune that he thinks the Chargers are going to give him his walking papers this offseason and that he's played his last game as a Charger. He averaged 3.3 yards a carry this year and rushed for only 730 yards, so it kinda looks like he does not have a whole lot left in the tank. Kinda sad that he played in all those playoff games but never once got to a Super Bowl. Oh well, I guess that's what you get for having Marty Schottenheimer and Norv Turner as your coaches.

- The Bills have a new defensive coordinator, and it's former University of Florida DC George Edwards. Edwards was Florida's defensive coordinator for 27 whole days. You have to love college football. It's such a bastion of integrity. Edwards says that he will switch the Bills from a 4-3 to a 3-4. The rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic analogy comes to mind.

- Hope you've got something else planned for your Sundays in fall of 2011, because watching NFL football probably won't be an option. DeMaurice Smith, who is executive director of the NFLPA, says on a scale of 1-10, the probability that there won't be NFL football in 2011 is a "14". He says that because the NFL is guaranteed $5 billion in its TV contract in 2011 even if no games are played. NFL owners see that as a perfect opportunity to totally break the union and set everything back to the stone age where there is no free agency.

- OK let's see what says is going to happen in the Super Bowl. Let's run best 2 out of 3 sims...

Sim #1 Saints get out to a 21-0 lead and never look back. Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush combine for 221 rushing yards, Brees throws for 306 and 2 TDs and the Saints cruise to an old fashioned Super Bowl blowout win 48-24.

Sim #2
A thriller won by the Saints on a field goal as time expires 25-24. In this version of reality, Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush only combine for 49 yards. The Colts outgain the Saints by almost 200 yards, but the Saints opportunistic defense gets an 85 yard INT return for a TD from Darren Sharper to keep them in the game.

Sim #3
Once again the Saints win, again on a field goal with no time remaining, this time 24-21. Manning brings the Colts back from a 21-6 4th quarter deficit to tie it on a TD pass to Reggie Wayne and a Joseph Addai 2 point conversion with under 2 minutes left, but Brees drives the Saints downfield for the winning field goal.

Pretty surprising. 3 sims, 3 Saints wins. I guess what you do now is go bet the house on the Saints.


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