Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dez Bryant's mom a ho?

This has become a big ass deal, so now it's time to talk about it here. Recap: Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland asked prospect Dez Bryant if his mom was a prostitute. The logic being that his mom sold crack so maybe she was a crack whore. Here are the two sides:

Certain questions are out of bounds and a question like that would get your face fucked up


If you're going to spend a zillion dollars, and especially with the conduct policy in the NFL, you can ask any question you want

Here's Patrick N's take:

If you spend a zillion dollars on a player, then yes, you can ask any fucking question you want. That being said, if you are going to ask fucked up questions like, "Is your mom a whore?" "Does your mom tickle ass with her tongue?" "Would she give me a hand job?" then you probably should warn the interviewee that you are going to ask possibly offensive questions about family members, and if these are questions you may not want to address, then you can walk on the interview.

Now, some kid is probably going to say yes it's cool ask me these fucked up questions because he wants any chance to make his money. But that's his choice at that point. Shit, maybe that IS what happened. The question is legit, but any natural reaction is legit as well. If he "flipped a desk" and "punched him" then that's cool. If he did what Dez Bryant did and just gritted his teeth, then that's cool too. But if the GM was testing his demeanor, I think it was a bad test. If a player throws blows because the opponent whispered shit about his mom, most would argue then that's cool, making that interview question useless.


Quickie Champions League

HAHAHAHHA BARCA. Tried to cheat going 11/10 on a bullshit flop send off of Inter's Motta, Barca fans crying Inter bunkered when THAT'S WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU LOSE A PLAYER, regardless if Inter was up 3-1 or not. Inter wins and Barca, the classless assholes they are, turn on the sprinklers to get Inter off their field so they can't celebrate. So Barca fans jump Mourinho in his car, go to their hotel and bust noise, flop like a bitch (if you see replays, the Barca player is looking between his hands to see if the ref is looking), and then lose so you turn on the sprinklers. Lose.

Oh and props to Daniel Sturridge for jerkin' after his goal. The British commentators were like WHAT IS HE DOING?

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