Friday, May 28, 2010

World Cup Group A Preview

12 days until the World Cup and it's time to rumble. I'm dressing in my colonial outfit with my 6 homies and going to the English pub to start shit during USA/England. I'm in charge of hitting drums. What are you going to do?

Group A

South Africa (Odds to win cup) 80/1, Key Players: None, they suck

Mexico 80/1 Carlos Vela (Arsenal), Giovani dos Santos (Tottenham), Johnathan dos Santos (Barca), Cuah Blanco (Veracruz), Rafael Marquez (Barca), Luis Michel (Chivas)

Uruguay 66/1 Forlan

France 16/1 Anelka (Chelsea), Thierry Henry (Barca), Malouda (Chelsea), Jérémy Toulalan (Lyon), William Gallas (Arsenal), Anthony Réveillère (Lyon), Éric Abidal (Barca), Bacary Sagna (Arsenal)

As you can see by the odds, a pretty weak bracket. If France was in any other bracket, they wouldn't get out of the group stage. But they get lucky with a cheap ass hand ball to qualify, then they get the group with the host team from Pot 1 (Pot 1 is host team + 7 best teams in the world). Uruguay has Forlan from Athletico Madrid and not much else. South Africa is full of local club players. I like Mexico and France to get out of this group. Mexico still has a LOT of teamwork issues, but they're tuning up against tough teams, and I love the talent on their team. France is loaded, but they come off real soft to me considering they all need to sit on the toilet to pee.

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Nick Pomazak said...

I can honestly see France not advancing past the group stage. In fact, I can see them not winning a match.