Sunday, May 30, 2010

World Cup Group B Preview

Group B

Argentina 9/1 Milito (Inter), Aguero (Athletico Madrid), Carlos "Ugly Betty" Tevez (Man City), Messi (Barca), Higuain (Real Madrid)

Nigeria 80/1 None

South Korea 125/1 Park Ji-Sung (Manchester United)

Greece 66/1 The Whole Panathinaikos Team

My friendgirl at work really loves Argentina saying the guy who got them in our World Cup pool has already won. It's easy to see why someone would say this if you look at the key players on the team: Top scorer of Champions League winning Inter, best player in the world, top scorer for Real Madrid. However, if you look closely, all their best players are strikers. Can't play them all, right? Along with a crazy coach that's obviously in over his head, Argentina will come out of this group, but won't get past the second round of the knockout stage. I have a special place in my heart for Nigeria, and they're very athletic, but this group has two strong teams in Argentina and Greece. "GREECE?! WTF, PATRICK?!" you say? Greece is awesome. I know none of you have heard of their players because they all play in their local teams, but trust me when I say that their ranking isn't a lie and a team with mostly players from the same team will count for something. South Korea's odds are well-placed and only have a chance to tie with Nigeria. SUPER EAGLES!

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Nick Pomazak said...

I've got S. Korea advancing out of here with Nigeria and Greece getting eliminated, both have looked horrible in their prep matches.