Tuesday, June 1, 2010

World Cup Group C Preview

Group C

England 5/1 Rooney (Man U), Lampard (Chelsea), Gerrard (Liverpool), Fabio Capello (Manager)

United States 66/1 Buddle (Galaxy), Torres (Pachuca), Bradley (Borussia)



Let's get real. This group was made so that the US and England advance. If either team does not advance, someone's ass gets fired. I look more ahead to the knockout stages. The United States and England would face Ghana or Germany in the knockout stage. Both are very beatable teams. After that, it's Mexico, France, Argentina, or Greece. All four are also super beatable. While England looks sure to advance far, don't be surprised if the US can get their offense rolling that they advance to the semis. The key to their offense are the three I listed. Buddle took the injured Davies's place. Buddle is really fast and a goal machine. Torres and Bradley, while young, are athletic and smart. Youth becomes that double-edged sword, but this squad's make up with the teams they have to go through has me believing a bit, and you all know I'm the most pessimistic asshole when it comes to teams I want to win.

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Nick Pomazak said...

If the US fails to advance out of this group then they really, really suck. Unfortunately I think that's possible. The key match here is going to be the US/Slovenia match, one of those teams isn't going to advance, and I think it's a tossup.