Monday, June 28, 2010

FIFA censor replay in stadiums when refs fuck up

This is what FIFA wants everyone live to do when there is a ref mistake.

Instead of admitting wrong, Sepp Blatter decides to censor replay in the stadium when a ref messes up. This way, everyone in the stadium can't get mad and the players can't point to the replay to the refs and be like, "LOOK, FOO. THE BALL IS TWO FEET INTO THE NET!" The problem is that the rest of the world just pressed 30 seconds back on their DVRs to see your ref fuck up and has no instant replay to correct their mistake. I did make 6 videos showing how Sepp Blatter is a bitch. It gets more hilarious:

FIFA spokesman Nicolas Maingot said Monday that replaying the incident was "a clear mistake."

Read that quote and use some critical thinking. FIFA was mad, not that there was a grossly bad call, but that there was a replay shown of the ref error. My friend from Singapore said we Americans are just used to abusing authority and questioning motives when we should just enjoy the fucking game. If by abusing and questioning authority you mean "ask" then yeah, that's what we're doing. Here in America we use instant replay for everything because it's the 21st century. But it's not just America, Tatei. Tennis uses Hawkeye technology, which you would know if you watch my Craplacticos series.

One of the funniest arguments coming out is the "BCS Argument" where controversy is good because people are talking about it. This is like using God to justify killing others. If a bad result continues to occur because of the controversy, then talking about it is NOT good. If 40-year old teachers are convincing 14-year olds to have sex, the controversy is not good, especially if nothing is done about it. So let me say this one more time for retards that don't understand basic logic: controversy is not good if nothing changes.

So get your fucking head out of the sand and put some goal line technology.

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