Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup Day 9

Normally you wouldn't consider a 1-0 win over Japan anything to be impressed with, but the way the so-called European powers have been stinking to high heaven in this tournament, I guess you have to go ahead and tip your van der Sloot to the Dutch for having six points after two matches and clinching safe passage to the round of 16. Inter Milan midfielder Wesley Sneijder scored the only goal of the match. Japan's keeping it to one goal was huge, because now they have a better goal differential than Denmark by one goal. So they can advance with a win or tie in their group finale against the Danes.

The Black Stars have scored but two goals in this tournament, and they were both on penalty kicks. Yet, they head into their group finale against Germany in first place in their group with 4 points. That's despite tossing in a real stinkeroo in this match against Australia. The Soccerros played over an hour of this match a man down, so that coupled with the fact that Ghana is better than Australia, and Ghana still couldn't get 3 points that were just begging to be taken, and boofed up a chance to clinch advancement to the second round. Now they've got to face Germany, who is playing for their World Cup 2010 lives, while Serbia gets Australia. Ghana can advance with a win or a tie against Germany, but that's not going to be easy at all.

This Should Have Been on Cameroon's Jerseys

Aaaand the first team to be officially eliminated from this year's Cup is..Cameroon?? Nobody saw that one coming, not with an Indomitable squad featuring the great Samuel Eto'o. It's true though, after grabbing an early lead on an Eto'o goal, Cameroon conceded the equaliser by Arsenal's Nicolas Bendtner to make it 1-1 at half, and Dennis Rommedahl put the Danes ahead to stay in the 61st minute. Said Eto'o after the match, “God is the only one who rules in this moment and he wanted it to turn out like this.” Well, can't argue with God now, can you? Denmark stays alive, and now has to beat Japan to advance. The Indomitable Lions, thoroughly domited.

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