Friday, June 25, 2010

Knockout Stage Preview

Alright, here we go with the best part about World Cup! BTW USA is a part of it. Oh, I told you England would be fine, Oli Porter. Capello doesn't play pretty. Here's a preview with winners in bold. No ties here, baby. Betting odds are besides each team and the lower number meaning you get less money, which will show how much of a favorite the team is.

Uruguay -130 vs Korea Republic +350

Uruguay was in the weakest bracket, but they didn't concede a single goal. I mentioned that teams like Uruguay need to play D to get through and wow did they play some D. Forlan is still the leader of this defensively tough SOBs and shouldn't have a problem with South Korea. They're just happy they made it here for the first time since being host.

United States +150 vs Ghana +190

This is a great match up for the USA. Ghana plays solid D and O as a team, but there is no player that may CR9 all over the USA. This is an even match up that may just be about destiny. And if you go through two disallowed legit goals and still get through, sometimes, you gotta believe.

Germany +180 vs England +165

This is good for England who is struggling for goals. While Oli Porter is ready to hold his ankles, Germany is fool's gold like the Netherlands. Watch a really annoying D make a bunch of young guys crumble.

Argentina -200 vs Mexico +600

I would say unlucky for Mexico, but Mexico seems to do alright against powerhouse teams like Brazil and Argentina. They just suck against the other South American teams. Don't believe the odds. I don't expect a blowout, but Maradona seems to be the real deal proving everyone wrong.

Netherlands -225 vs Slovakia +650

The colony of fool's goal known as the Dutch may have Robbin back for one match before he hurts himself again. They should have an easy time with Slovakia, and then owned by Brazil in the next round.

Brazil -225 vs Chile +550

Chile is a solid team playing very well this year and against ANY other team I probably would pick them to go to the next round, even against Spain or England, but Brazil is just too strong.

Paraguay -110 vs Japan +280

I mentioned that Japan would surprise some people with their local talent but not me, but I ain't gunna lie: I'm surprised. Paraguay isn't that strong of a team as well and I could see Japan upsetting them making them my upset pick of the first round.

Spain -110 vs Portugal +300

The odds may be realistic, but Spain looks like a vulnerable team. Portugal and CR7 are like homerun hitters. Maybe three swings and a strike out, but there's a chance one of those swings goes yard. I am not as comfortable with Spain as I was before this tournament, but the good teams tend to start rolling in the beginning of the Knockout Stage.

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