Sunday, June 20, 2010

French Team Implosion

A 0-0 tie with Uruguay.
A 2-0 loss to Mexico.
Anelka removed from the team.
France refusing to practice in protest.
France fitness coach quits.
Director of French Football resigns.

What in the hell happened?

France already was on shady grounds qualifying into the World Cup with a handball goal by Henry over Ireland. With all the talent they have on the team, they have yet to score a goal in the World Cup. France coach Raymond Domenech seems to be at the center of this with his terrible tactics and roster choices. He benched Malouda, one of Chelsea important players for goals, because he was "too aggressive." Maybe the French need some aggression because they're not scoring any goals or looking dangerous at all.

The Anelka dismissal was entirely the Domenech's fault compounded by the ignorance of the French Football Federation. Domenech told Anelka he wasn't playing like a "real" striker but a second striker, so he should be moved there. Anelka, probably insulted that this idiot is judging him, said, "Go fuck yourself you son of a bitch." Players and coaches get in tiffs all the time. *I* get in tiffs with my students who have told me to fuck off. I don't go to administration and cry. It's my fucking classroom, I'll deal with it. We talk it out. Depending on the context, the kid was angry about something. Same with the situation with Anelka where he's fine playing second fiddle to Mr. Premadonna Drogba, but now he's a problem on France? You insult your player, or at least hurt his feelings, and he cusses you out. Deal with it. It's your team. Nope, Domenech cried to the FFF and without context booted Anelka off the team. Domenech tried to make Anelka apologize to him. Have you ever pissed off a student, he cusses you out in reaction, and then FORCE him to apologize? If you have, how did that work out for you? Your team; your business. Handle your shit, Domenech.

Gallas is a nut job, but he clearly should have been captain instead of Evra. Oh well, France! Guess karma's a bitch when you cheat your way in.

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