Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup Jun 15-20 Preview

Patrick N and Nicky P covering the World Cup like we have to cover your wife after we're running out of your bedroom. This preview will cover me until Sunday. My picks in bold, if no bold, I predict a tie:

Group Stage
June 15, 2010

12 New Zealand v Slovakia
13 Ivory Coast v Portugal
14 Brazil v North Korea

Story of the Day: Can Ivory Coast guard CR9? If they do, they win. Also, North Korea said they will only allow it's people to watch North Korean goals and wins. Will NK get to see any of the World Cup?

Group Stage
June 16, 2010

15 Honduras v Chile
16 Spain v Switzerland
17 South Africa v Uruguay

SOTD: Will the horns Nicky P talked about bother South Africa into a tie again?

Group Stage
June 17, 2010

20 Argentina v South Korea
19 Greece v Nigeria
18 France v Mexico

SOTD: Greece failed me as my dark horse pick. Nigeria looked good, so they're screwed. Will France be able to score a goal? Argentina is not good, and South Korea got lucky. But if they tie like I think then they are not lucky.

Group Stage
June 18, 2010

21 Germany v Serbia
22 Slovenia v United States
23 England v Algeria

Germany WAS better without Ballack like I initially thought! I really think USA is for real. Even after the 1 goal, I thought that settled the team and we played really good soccer. Even if we lost, I would have been happy with our play. England doesn't have a crisis. Sometimes, balls bounce off your hand. Goalies HAD been complaining about the ball spin.

Group Stage
June 19, 2010

25 Netherlands v Japan
24 Ghana v Australia
26 Cameroon v Denmark

SOTD: Japan got lucky, but the Dutch are going to show they have some talent. Cameroon will be looking to take out their frustrations.

Group Stage
June 20, 2010

27 Slovakia v Paraguay
28 Italy v New Zealand
29 Brazil v Ivory Coast

If Drogba is healthy, their match up with Brazil becomes interesting. He matters that much.


Nick Pomazak said...

I think I agree with pretty much all of your picks...although I have a fear that the US is going to shit the bed against Slovenia...just call it a hunch

Patrick N said...


Nick Pomazak said...

Uh oh you missed Switzerland over Spain...

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