Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First England Capt from Capello's Rotation is...

There was big speculation as to which player England manager Fabio Capello was going to give the captain's armband to. Here were the candidates:

John Terry: Chelsea's captain and was captain of England before Capello came along. He has the personality to lead England, but he has discipline problems. Chelsea is often in trouble with the refs and Terry not only has problems diminishing that, he is a big cause of it.

Steven Gerrard: Liverpool's captain and Capello's interim England captain. He can lead a team but at the expense of his own form.

David Beckham: Los Angeles Galaxy's captain and a former England captain. With his next cap being 100, it is (fake) tradition to make players with their 100 cap captain for that match.

So with all those choices, in true Capello fashion, he chooses Manchester United captain Rio Ferdinand. What's even funnier is that Capello says he's going to have a rotating captain system until the World Cup which pretty much means fuck you to everyone. We all know why he's using a rotating captain system: When the media and fans say a certain person should be captain, he'll pick the opposite. That is awesome. Just like I said, Capello does what he wants. Sometimes he does the opposite of what everyone wants just to show he's the man.

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