Sunday, March 23, 2008

Liverpool, Mexico, and Capello

England boss Fabio Capello finally included David Beckham to the England squad because he sees him as fit. Capello critics claim he was either pressured to put Becks on or there was some sentimental aim that Capello is going for. These critics obviously have not followed Capello's career. For example, at Real Madrid, he benched soon to be legend Ronaldo because he was fat (which he was right), made Robinho a sub because Robinho didn't know how to be a team player with his 100 step overs (which he was right and if you notice this year, Robinho is a complete player now because of Capello), and booted off Beckham right after Becks signed with the Galaxy. Capello isn't an idiot either. Capello allowed Beckham when Capello wanted to, not when the fans or ownership wanted to. Capello let Beckham back on the England national team for the only reason that Capello wants to.

Mexico was in Olympic qualifiers against this group: Haiti (noobs), Canada (best player plays in MLS), and Guatemala (noobs). Mexico had a bunch of awesome overseas players and expensive ass FMF players. Well, long story short, Mexico tied and lost their two games and Canada beat Guatemala 5-0 because Guatemala left out their scrubs, which if you think about it means the terrible players out of the bad players. So it came down to Mexico needing to get a 5-0 against Haiti to even get a coin flip. 5-0 may sound like a lot in soccer, but Mexico is to the USA Dream Team as Haiti is to retarded, blind, blondes. Well, here's what happened:

That's right. The devil made them miss 10000000000000000 shots. This clip does not show how many open ass shots they missed. #19, who will remained unnamed because he's the bitch who missed 90% of the sitters, will probably need to uninstall his life before all of Mexico does it for him. So, yeah, Canada and Guatemala are in the Olympics and Mexico is not.

Liverpool and Manchester United played and Liverpool got fucked. The backstory is that Chelsea's Ashley Cole would not turn to face the ref to receive his card, so the refs cried that refs need to be respected. Liverpool's Mascherano, who already had a yellow card, had been badgering the ref for a while, and rightfully so because Manchester United was getting all the calls. Liverpool's Fernando Torres gets a yellow card for nothing, and Mascherano runs over to complain (which was probably a stupid move as is), and before Mascherano could even open his mouth the ref gives a card and sends Mascherano off. Well, 11 on 11 with ref calls is pretty impossible against Man U, but being down a man buttfucked Liverpool. The game was pretty much over at that moment. Wayne Rooney and Fergie tried to lie saying that the send off didn't matter, but they're bitches.

Look, I know refs don't deserve to get treated less than human, but you would think someone as experienced as the ref Barnett is would verbally tell Mascherano, "Look man, I know you're mad, but you need to be quiet. if you say one more thing, anything, I'm sending you off. Don't make me send you off in a game this important." A game of this importance, Barnett should have known sending Mascherano off would pretty much end the game. Terrible ref.

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