Thursday, March 13, 2008

Under 23 Cuban team start with 10 men

In the movie Sicko, it argues that America should have universal health care because, fuck, Cuba has it. Well apparently Cuban health care isn't that good there because seven Cuban players defected.

After the 1-1 draw against the USA team, five Cubans decided to party and never come back.

Then in the match against Honduras, two more decided they were healthy enough to risk not having universal health care and ditched. Since they had one player on suspension from a red card, Cuba played with 10 players and no subs. Straight up gangster.

USA hates Mexicans, but for Cubans, there is a "wet soil, dry soil" rule where if a Cuban defects and lives on USA soil for a year, they automatically become citizens.

'This was a very irresponsible act of cowardice by these five players,' Antonio Garces, a Cuban Football Association official, told Reuters in Havana. 'They have betrayed their homeland,' the official said.

Yeah, either that or they realized that having our awesome food and being unhealthy is better than eating dirt but be in good health.

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