Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NFL: Fired

I'm going to update this as NFL coaches get fired.

Mike Shanahan (Denver Broncos)

Was it time: Yes. I hate the Broncos which means this dude did his job. Having said that, the current winning structure is to hire a GM and then let the GM get a head coach that's on the same page as him and you create a checks and balances system (see Falcons or Dolphins). Shanahan was both GM and head coach and did alright, but seeing other teams that suck all of a sudden start owning makes you jealous. Plus, 12 years with one team is just boring. Good move for both parties.

Eric Mangini (NY Jets)

Was it time: No. This move showed how stupid Jet admin is. Mangenius is still solid a coach starting 8-3 and then Farve threw a million INTs and like 2 TDs. You can't coach around that. When Mangenius was listened to, run, run, run, run, pass, run, run, run that shit works. Then as 8-3 Farve was like "I'M THE SHIT" and just threw, threw, threw. Fuck the Jets. They are going south next year. This dude's going to find a job this month.

Romeo Crennel (Cleveland Browns)

Was it time: Yes. I like this guy, but it was time to go. Last year's 10-6 season was really luck, and this year was unlucky because his QBs went down, but I think he lost this team this year. Romeo isn't really a head coach. I know everyone hates the recently fired Mike Martz, but I think as a head coach if I put Romeo as my Defensive Coordinator and Martz as my Offensive Coordinator, I'd be alright. Regardless, I wouldn't hire Romeo again as a head coach anyway.

Rod Marinelli (Detroit Lions)

Was it time: No. How you going to break this guy off when he ran the dream season of 0-16? Alright, I'm just messing. Yes. When a reporter asked if Marinelli wished his daughter married someone else (one of Marinelli's coaches was his son-in-law), you know shit was bad because that's pretty fucking mean. I never saw what the Lions saw in this guy. Lions need to get Parcells and pay him a young girl every month to keep him there.

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