Tuesday, February 3, 2009

1. It looked for a while like the deal was off, but it's confirmed that Russian star Andrei Arshavin is headed to Arsenal. Arshavin had some big goals for Russia in Euro 08, but had only 6 goals in 27 matches for Zenit St. Petersburg this season. Arsenal is in 5th place in the Prem, 5 points out of a qualifying spot in the Champions League.

2. If you haven't seen the Lampard red card tackle yet, here it is.

What a load of boolcrap. Notice how Lampard actually gets to the ball well before the guy he is tackling does. I dont know wtf Moby was thinking giving him a red card here. Chelsea can take some solace though, in the fact that he won't be getting a 3 match suspension, as the appeal to revoke this ridiculous call has been upheld.

3. That red card looks even more ridiculous when you consider that Jose Boswinga didn't even get a FOUL called on him for this play later in the match:


dook!e said...

Thats a lot of ARSe in one place...

Patrick N said...

At the bar when we saw that kick it was pretty hilarious. :/