Sunday, February 15, 2009

Soccer stuff and what I've been up to

MLS vs. AC Milan

The MLS imposed a deadline for AC Milan getting the deal done with the Galaxy. This deadline has come and passed and now the MLS is moving on. Don't be fooled by what AC Milan thinks is "just a tactic" by the MLS to raise the price in negotiations. The MLS needed to set a date because they base their whole marketing around Beckham. With a month to go before the season starts, ticket sales need to be established (including presale), events need to be set, and jerseys need to be ready for sponsors. If I'm Herbalife, I'd want to know if Becks is coming back for sure, too.

AC Milan is really coming off as arrogant assholes like Ramon Calderon's techniques he used when he was trying to get Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid. If Beckham is smart, he'd just pay the 10 million the MLS are asking for and move now instead of holding the MLS hostage.

Inter Milan vs. AC Milan

I am not a fan of Italian soccer. It's usually slow, boring, all d, and full of people obviously flopping. That said, this match was AWESOME. Inter Milan should have scored 5 goals or more, but they just kept missing, and this almost bit them in the ass later when Pato and Ronaldinho turned on the juice at the end. AC Milan lost 2-1 and Beckham looked like he got hurt. If Beckham is hurt seriously from this match, AC Milan doesn't have to pay shit and MLS gets no sales money because Becks is sitting on the bench. Damn.

What is Patrick N up to lately?

I've told you guys my favorite fighter is Lyoto Machida. His style is hilarious because he fights all boring and doesn't care about the crowd booing because he hasn't lost one round in the UFC. Check out and see if you recognize the style of your favorite sports comedian anywhere on there.