Saturday, February 7, 2009

Patrick on Beckham

Patrick posted this in the comments section but I wanted to put on the main page b/c its so damn good..

Here ya go..

Beckham pretty much reveals the problem with the DP rule in that if you lose the DP player you built your team around, you're pretty much screwed. And with AC Milan screwing the Galaxy over on Becks and Bayern screwing over THEIR loan agreement on Donovan (who was being paid DP money but not counted because he was grandfathered in), Galaxy loses two DP level players and are stuck with draft prospects and players that were meant to fill holes with the limited cap space they got. Bruce Arena says he has a back up, but he's got SHIT.

Galaxy changed their whole uniform to fit Beckham's image, raised tix to the ROOF and now they are stuck with crap. Fans are already asking for their money back or season tickets are super reduced prices and with the recession, MLS really can't afford to lose their cash cow (since the MLS is a socialist system).

Basically, unless Beckham gives up 16.4 million, the MLS and Galaxy will be out of business in 2 years unless Ronaldinho or someone like him takes Beckham's place.

Lesson: Never loan out to big clubs because they don't respect you anyway.


Patrick N said...

MLS rejected the initial bid for Beckham. If they make Beckham play he'll be booed. The forum fans are already finding ways to burn jerseys. I'm going to put a big black tape line across Beckham's name on my jersey.

One thing though is the the MLS made their money every time Beckham visited a stadium. Every where Becks played in the MLS the place sold out. MLS got their money for a year (not two since he was hurt for most of his first year).

So maybe it all works out, but now the MLS is about as big as Major League Lacrosse or Arena Football when it comes back. The ONLY way MLS can make big money now without a Beckham-like DP is playing Mexican teams because they have a strong base in the states. Too bad Superliga is dead because of the CONCACAF Champions League. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahaha

I'll stick with going to bars at watching Chelsea tie to Hull City. Fuck you, Oli. :(

Nick Pomazak said...

Heres the only way American professional soccer catches on....nicky somehow becomes a billionaire..he buys one of the shitty mls franchises and builds a 30000 seat soccer stadium somewhere in nyc....nicky says he is going to call his team the new york cosmos and tells mls i am dishing out huge fucking money to sign some of the best players in the world, and they will just have to stick their pinko leninist system up their ass because i am taking soccer big time...i am going to have one of the best clubs in the world and its going to be in mls and all the other mls clubs are just going to have to wear going to kick their ass every year and be recognized as one of the top clubs in the world and make a shitload of money doing it...if they want to watch how i do it and spend some money they can do the same thing...american fans will support a club that can be the best in the world...i guarantee it..

Patrick N said...

Man City tried that and couldn't buy Kaka for 160 million. :(

Oli Porter said...

I don't blame Beckham. he thought the standard of play would be higher; it's not. Part of the problem is, I think, that he didn't realise that he was good enough to play at top level anymore; ie too slow for La Liga and the Premiership, but just right for Serie A.

Beckham has already raised the profile of MLS immensely; no one in the UK even knew what it was before he moved there. You can't base your entire league around one player...

Also players move teams all the time... At least Beckham is moving for football reasons not monetary reasons (I mean YOU Robinho).

Also... I predict no Champions League for Chelsea next season!

dook!e said...

I think the NY/NJ Metrosexuals would be a better name for your team.