Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dear Nicky P

Dear Nicky P, my sports diary,

How are you? I'm fine. I'm just really confused about some of the things going on in the NFL. The Bears need a WR and didn't pick up Boldin from Arizona. I mean, even Terrell Owens would be better than what they have. Plus, they have an interception problem, so they should solve that somehow. Maybe have Jay Cutler run super safe offenses like they do for Mark Sanchez.

Then there's this overtime rule. Each team has the ball unless the first team scores a touchdown. Why? Why not just have each team have the ball, period? So if my team gets a safety, doesn't that count as a possession? Then if the other team gets a field goal, it's over? Or is it that those are the two possessions and it's over? Stupid fucking rules.

And Mr. Diary P, why the hell are the Lions interested in Pacman Jones? WHY?

Why, Mr. Diary? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Patrick N

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