Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dear Patrick

Dear Patrick-

The Bears did not get Anquan Boldin because they traded away all their draft picks for a pouty quarterback who looks like Chumley from Pawn Stars and a dead 170 pound defensive lineman. Mike Martz has said that Devin Hester reminds him of Az Hakim, so expect the Bears offense next year to look like the Rams offense would have looked if Az Hakim were their best receiver.

As for overtime, the rule had to be changed because Brett Favre didn't make the Super Bowl. This can't be allowed to happen again. Think how awesome the Super Bowl would have been if Brett Favre were playing in it. The childlike joy alone would have exploded your television. About your question regarding what happens if there is a safety, only a douchebag like Tony Romo would let himself get safetied in overtime, so unless he's playing, you have nothing to worry about.

The Lions are interested in PacMan Jones because his career could recover there, as Detroit doesn't have any strip clubs or functioning businesses of any kind for that matter.

Diary now must get back to watching last nights episode of Lost again. It was so awesome.

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