Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Best Artwork Ever

I am here to share with you my best artwork I have ever done. I have done videos, music, and writing, but nothing compares to the works of art I have been working on for the past few days. I am here to show you my masterpieces and grade them based off the highest standards established by the art community. Here is my favorite:

I call this, "Ode to Hilarity." The bold strokes. The contrasting colors. The dude holding his ankle. These are the qualities in art that make a man cry like a newborn child. A+ painting. I based this painting off an original photo that also makes me laugh:

This photo was originally called, "The End of Manchester United's Season" but was renamed, "Man U Just Lost All Their Trophies." From this photo, I was inspired to make more art.

I call this, "The Blur that is Man U's Season." Here I decided to use chalk to symbolize how other teams are going to school Man U now that they lost their best player. Each line carefully depicts how Wayne Rooney scores three times as much as the next highest scorer Man U has. A definate A+ piece of artwork here.

I call this drawing, "Fade to Black," using charcoal to express the feelings Manchester United fans felt as they saw Rooney fall like a sack of shit. Their season, so bright. But now, it is dark. Notice that Rooney is holding his ankle. Hilariously magnificent in it's expression. A+, of course.

This is called, "Glass" as I used pieces of glass to compose this masterpiece. This piece of art leaves the most interpretations for the viewer. Does the glass represent the glass ceiling that now exists because Rooney's ankle died? Does it represent the fragile nature of Rooney's ankle? Does it represent the fragile nature of Manchester United's season? Or is this representative of a foreshadowing on the shattered dreams of every Red Devil fan in the world as I lick the tears off their face like they're candy? We will never know what my inspiration meant in this piece of art other than to express that this injury could not come at a better time than right before they play Chelsea. A+ masterpiece. A+ injury. A+ Ha ha, fucker.

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