Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to become a rapist profiler

Do you sometimes look at someone and think, “Yeah, that motherfucker sexually assaults woman most definitely”? You have some experts in facial reading like Dr. Lightman saying you can’t, only emotions. That is incorrect. When you know the common facial tics of a rapist, then you can easily spot them out. When you look at these pictures of sexual assaulters, you can obviously tell they are all guilty of rape.

As you can see from this smile, this guy obviously did some shit. Just from the proportion between his poon-like, peach fuzz goatee and his teeth, you can see that this is not a normal smile. You probably already would have intuitive signals that there was something wrong with this asshole; well, now you know you're right.

I know, the visual is shocking. In the profiler community, we call this guy a "fucking douchebag." You can see from his retarded beard that he rapes so much that he doesn't bother to shave, instead opting for a caveman look, and we all know cavemen are rapists. That's what they all did back then. The hands are, of course, rapist hands good for forcing men or women to do things they don't want or holding footballs strangely enough.

This guy already raped the girl he's holding; she just doesn't know it yet. The eyes tell the story of someone who is very experienced in what these people call rapology, the science of rape. And when you see lips curled like this one, he may try to sexually assault you, so throw a dog in his path and he may turn attention to it instead.

Now you are a pro rapist profiler. Protect yourself because now you've discovered that you never know who could be a rapist...until you read this article.

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Nick Pomazak said...

I'll take "The rapists" for $500 Alex!