Monday, July 26, 2010

MLS Power Rankings Week 18

Before the All Star Game against just-lost-to-Kansas-Shitty Manchester United, let's see how the MLS teams rank with some new DP signings and Omar Salgado thankfully becoming an American so he doesn't play for Chivas.

1: LA Galaxy - Corner kicks a problem lately, Buddle and Donovan best forward combo in the league

2: Columbus Crew - Emilio Renteria covers for the injured Steven Lenhart and scores 4 goals in 4 starts

3: Real Salt Lake - Defending champions dropping points from bad defensive lapses

4: New York Red Bulls - Henry makes the much better, but they need more nerve in the midfield

5: FC Dallas - Hot right now, may cool off later, so I'll keep them here until their record improves

6: Seattle Sounders - Playing better without their DP just like Galaxy plays better without Beckham

7: San Jose - I saw their game against the Galaxy and they were lucky to tie needing more offensive talent

8: Toronto FC - Better team that last year, but they should fall later in the season without any DP help

9: Kansas City - Beat Man U with 10 men showing the MLS's 9th best team can beat Man U youth squad, calm down

10: Chicago Fire - Just picked up Nery Castillo; I'm super high on him, but he hasn't been the same since getting hurt at Manchester City; he takes Cua Blanco's spot which is fitting because he was Blanco's understudy on the Mexican National Team; if he's healthy, don't expect him to be at the Fire for long because he's awesome

11: Houston Dynamo - Another team with a shitty goalie

12: Philadelphia Union - Should do well near the end of the season, but should pick up some veteran leadership

13: Chivas USA - Looked good against RSL, but they need to work on their short passing

14: Colorado - Lost to the Sounders because they like to play catch up

15: New England Revolution - Might be getting better, but they might have beaten the Galaxy because they knew they were playing #1

16: DC United - Fell so far behind because their talent thought they were better then they really are

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