Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Sports Thoughts

This site focuses mainly on soccer and football, but lots of stuff in the sports world going on where I wanted to say what's up.

The Decision

Lebron joined forces with Wade and Bosh to try to win rings together. Leaving for rings is alright, but Lebron is now Scottie Pippen and Pao Gasol. These guys are hall of fame players, but you can never say they were in Jordan's league of greatness. Kobe and Lebron were seen as equals, but this comparison can't be made anymore.

The way he broke off Cleveland was pretty fucked up too. Anyone who doesn't get why Cleveland is burning jerseys, Akron taking down "Lebron was born and raised here" signs, and an owner going unprofessional probably has never gotten dumped. Getting dumped for a hotter or better person sucks enough, but imagine getting dumped by waiting for your other of seven years to ask to marry you on the jumbotron at the Superbowl and them posting him or her doing reverse cowgirl and announcing, "Oh, I'm not marrying you; I'm with this other person who's better and hotter than you." Cleveland deserved better, and I don't even like Cleveland.

And Jesse Jackson should probably find a better cause to speak up about than Dan Gilbert's reaction that was the same as everyone in Cleveland.

Arizona MLB All Star Game

There were reports that Latino players were going to boycott the All Star Game next year because it was being held in Arizona, where they passed some shit about you can be asked for your legalization papers at any time, branding every Mexican-looking guy as fucked. One side is crying that everyone should boycott and the other side is crying that it's stupid to make a sport situation political and that baseball should be above politics.

I think that unless you're Latino or Mexican-American, you probably should shut the fuck up about this issue and let those people do whatever they want. You or I are probably not affected by the law in Arizona, so our opinion on it would come off as insensitive. Furthermore, asking a non-Latino or non-Mexican-American to boycott is pretty retarded too. Why? They're not affected. Ultimately, if you have vested interest in what's going on in Arizona, do whatever, but get off the backs of people who aren't affected by it. Also, while boycotting would be a statement, those affected by the law would probably be better served actually going to the event and talking to the locals and the media about it where they'll be heard rather than sit at home.

World Cup Finals

People were giving British ref Howard Webb a lot of shit for the record 11 yellow cards. It was annoying, but Netherlands obviously thought Spain was soft (and they usually are) and decided to play rough. I never seen a team throw out so many studs up tackles and NOT get red carded. Webb basically gave yellows to studs up tackles instead of reds because he didn't want to be involved in deciding the game. Netherlands took a chance with tough tackles, Webb gave a bunch of yellows, they didn't adjust and were forced to go down to 10 men by using a professional foul from a carded player to prevent a breakaway. You lost legit. Deal with it. Both teams had many chances, and it was a great game. If Netherlands should be mad at anyone, it should be Arjen Robben for missing like 2 or 3 1v1 on the goalie. Iker Casillas was the man and the reason they won. I hate Howard Webb because he sucks in EPL, but I actually thought he did as best he could.


Thierry Henry signed with the Red Bulls. Good for him and for MLS. It was time. He's still good enough to be fun to watch, just not on the highest level anymore.

Nicky P is coming with his NFL special he does every preseason. I can't wait to read it, which means you should be on your knees ready for his NFL money shot.


Nick Pomazak said...

The LeBron/Wade/Bosh Posedown when they introduced them in Miami was the least heterosexual thing I've seen since the NFL Scouting Combine

Patrick N said...

lmfaoooooo it was so lame to watch. what do you think about the whole taking two pre seasons in the nfl and making them real games? I heard it on the radio or some shit.