Wednesday, July 7, 2010

World Cup 3rd place and Finals

When did I ever become right? My curse didn't work as the Netherlands and Spain advance to the finals.

3rd place match

Uruguay has depended on their D and Germany depended on countering. This game could get boring or exciting depending on who scores first. If Germany scores first, they'll win. If Uruguay scores first, they may win, but Germany has better talent and team play offensively. First to score wins, and I see no one scoring. I feel the more likely scenario is Uruguay winning on PKs. Did I just curse this match into a high scoring one?


We will have a first time World Cup champ no matter what. Netherlands offense has been their story while Spain has had to rely on Defense because their forwards are ballhogs or just suck (*cough* Torres). Spain had the best odds to win the cup, and I feel Netherlands won't be able to get enough free kicks to give Sneijder the chance to bust a free kick in. I'm going to stay with Vegas odds and pick Spain to win their first World Cup.

This website will return to its NFL and soccer hybrid roots after this weekend. I couldn't do this event without the energy of this website's owner, Nicky P, who busted out awesome reviews and previews like he always does. I have twins the suck up my time and probably would have bailed on my duties to entertain the 50 of you during this important event for this website if it weren't for Nicky P's support and positive energy. That makes you lucky. A nice 4th year anniversary present from us.

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Nick Pomazak said...

You=Right, Me=Wrong, I feel shame...will drown my sorrows in Purple Drank