Saturday, July 3, 2010

World Cup Semi Final

I have the touch of death. After pretty much every team I picked died, I decided to test it today on Argentina and Spain. It REALLY worked on Argentina, and it almost worked on Spain except that I can't take the PK for them too. So I give my picks with the hilarious expectation that I may be screwing them over.

Uruguay vs. Netherlands

Uruguay got lucky winning a PK battle against Japan. If Japan won, I would have had a chance to get money in my betting pool. Uruguay has been riding great d and dumping the ball to Forlan. My Fool's Gold pick Netherlands rides a Brazil breakdown into the semis. I still think Netherlands is Fool's Gold, but the United States could beat Uruguay. So to curse the Netherlands, they should win this easily by three goals.

Germany vs. Spain

I argued that Spain was loaded and should make the finals and that Germany was better without Ballack, but was also Fool's Gold. I still stand by both claims. Germany is a great team on the counter. If Spain falls behind, the game is over. Spain will need to play a high possession game in order to pull through. DO NOT LET GERMANY SCORE FIRST.

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Nick Pomazak said...

Ahah we made opposite semifinal say potahto..