Thursday, September 9, 2010

Terrelle Pryor is that guy

You ever known one of those friends or family where you get raped by someone, then that someone comes to the friend of family member's birthday party and he's like, "It's my party and I want to invite your rapist. Man that was in the past, you need to let things go, that was his decision and you need to respect that." Oh you don't know this guy? Well now you do. His name is Terrelle Pryor:

"If LeBron does come, just treat him with respect and respect his decision," Pryor said. "Please, no name calling, or booing, or anything like that because that's my mentor. I have a lot of respect and a lot of love for him."

HAHAHAHAHHAHAH This guy just got past being the point of irritation by Buckeye fans because he cried Pryor's coach didn't use his talents properly. Now he's going to tell the people of Ohio, many of whom took Lebron's move to Miami so hard they were burning jerseys and making songs about his sexuality, that they should just get over it and respect him. Look, man, I know Lebron is your friend, but they were about to riot when a Heat fan wore a Lebron Heat jersey to a baseball game. IT WAS A FUCKING BASEBALL GAME. No one ever gets mad at a baseball game unless it's Red Sox fan. What do you think hardcore college football fans who paint their faces and come a zillion strong are going to do if they see Lebron? Are you trying to caught a riot you dumb shit? Sometimes, when someone raped your fan base, you might want to just shut the fuck up about telling the victim to be cool with the rapist. Don't be that guy, Terrelle.

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