Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week 1 Rubdown- NFC South

W v. Cleveland 17-14
Sure it was against the Browns, but a win is a win for a young team that didn't get a lot of them last year and won't get a lot of them this year either. Amazing what staying close and waiting for Jake Delhomme to self destruct can do for you. There's really only one thing that matters in watching this year's Bucs, and that's how much Josh Freeman develops. One game in, not too bad. He completed 60% of his passes and threw 2 TDs against only 1 INT.

W v. Minnesota 14-9
Covered this last week, but this one goes straight in Sean Payton's win column. He outcoached Brad Childress.

L at Pittsburgh 9-15
The Steelers have made a LOT of running backs look bad over the years, so it's not time to panic on Michael Turner just yet. But, he was in and out of the lineup all year last year, and you have to be concerned how he comes back from his first big professional injury, and 1 game in it's not looking so good. Matt Ryan kind of the same thing, he took a step back last year, his Y/A down by almost 20%. Didn't look a whole lot better in Week 1.

L at NY Giants 18-31
Matt Moore made Jake Delhomme look like, I don't know, a better quarterback than Matt Moore. How do you force 4 turnovers and still lose? That's easy, turn it over 5 times yourself. Matt Moore just would not stop sucking and yet John Fox refused to try and run the ball to take some heat off of him. Not a very good game for a coach who is in danger of getting launched.

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