Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 1 Rundown- NFC East

1. NY GIANTS (1-0)
The job of best team in the NFC looks vacant to me (people picking the 49ers to go the Super Bowl? Arre you serrrious??), and from where I'm sitting, I think the Giants might be a good candidate to fill it. The fact that late last year they played this same game and lost 41-9, then turned around and won it in week 1, tells me they are much improved. Eli Manning is continuing to progress to being a top tier QB, and the defense was fantastic. 4 sacks, 3 INTs, and generally making Matt Moore look inept, which maybe he is. 3 TDs for Hakeem Nicks gives future opponents something to worry about.



Don't read too much into this one, except maybe that the Cowboys offensive line, Alex Barron in particular, is really problematic. Dallas dominated this game in every category, except penalty yards (thanks to the 10 Yard Holding Penalty Machine that Barron is), and disastrous turnovers right before halftime. I don't think it's panic time for the Cowboys yet based on this. If they lose to the Bears though, then, maybe, it is. Oh and don't forget the Redskins won this game because of McNabb's veteran leadership. Never mind he went 15 of 32, and made a horrible throw for an INT in the end zone that was nullified by another Dallas penalty. He just knows how to win. He is one of the great quarterbacks of our era. Probably any era. Since we are unfamiliar with sarcasm, I shall end this paragraph at this point.

LOST v. Green Bay 20-27
Before we get all giddy over the triumphant return of Michael Vick and his 103 rushing yards, let's remember something. The Packers were up 20-3 in the second half of this game. If I'm up 20-3 ,the other team's QB can run the ball all day long as far as I'm concerned, I don't care. They aren't coming back from 20-3 in the second half having the QB run the ball. What I'm doing is dropping all my defenders back and letting him get 6 and 7 yard pickups all day and keep the clock moving. That's what the Packers did. It's garbage time stats and it doesn't mean anything. Kevin Kolb's awful play and subsequent concussion though, that's quite unsettling.

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