Monday, January 14, 2008

Futbol Weekly

Boring ass all D England National Team Manager Fabio Capello wants role models to be on his team. The previous a-hole, Steve McClaren, started 48 different players in his tenure and didn't qualify for shit. Capello is known for being a heavy disciplinarian with an emphasis on d (translation: boring). In his championship tenure at Real Madrid, he dumped Ronaldo, benched Beckham, made Robinho a sub, and made Real Madrid one of the most unwatchable winning teams I have ever seen. His strategy was sitting back on d and dropping long balls to one striker (RvN) all day. Boring.

Capello had said he could not instill lthe same discipline style he was so used to for the clubs he's played because he doesn't see them as often. My guess is that being a role model becomes his new discipline model. There was a buzz that Capello was going to put Beckham has his captain over Chelsea's John Terry (the current captain), and I (and apparently Terry) would be cool with that. If Capello's style holds true, he'll favor hard workers over big name stars. Capello also changed up his formations based off the offensive capabilities of his opponents, so he'll need a line up that can be pretty flexible. Here's my guess for Capello's team:

Main formation: 4-4-1-1

GK: P Robinson [Tottenham]
DEF: N Onuoha [Manchester City], J Terry [Chelsea], M Richards [Manchester City], A Cole [Chelsea]
MID: D Beckham (c) [LA Galaxy], O Hargreaves [Manchester United], S Gerrard [Liverpool], S Wright-Philips [Chelsea]
FOR: P Crouch [Liverpool], W Rooney [Manchester United]

Bench: B Foster [Manchester United], F Lampard [Chelsea], A Lennon [Tottenham], M Carrick [Manchester United], R Ferdinand [Manchester United], P Neville [Everton], M Owen [Newcastle United]

I saw Chelsea's new striker Nicolas Anelka play and I like his fluid movement. See ya, Drogba. Actually, if Chelsea boss Avram Grant wanted to make Chelsea exciting like he was hired to do, a 4-3-3 line up with J Cole, Essien, and Makelele in the middle and Malouda, Anelka, and Drogba up front would be pretty fucking bad ass. Malouda and Anelka can drop back to help the mid when needed. Oh man, I just went in my pants. And it wasn't poo.

Everyone is blaming the American owners for not making Liverpool better by investing money. The problem is that the Americans have no idea how to fix the financial mess through financial structuring (instead of using their own money). Last I heard, they were open to the possibility of selling the team to an Arab company. HAHAHAOLIPORTER.

Cristiano Ronaldo decided to take advantage of a club with no manager (Newcastle) and hat trick over them helping Man U win 6-0. Blah.

Barcelona wins with style, and Real Madrid wins in standard Real Madrid fashion: play shitty for the whole game, get 1 or 2 shot on goals, and make them both to win. RM's Fernando Gago said, "The only thing that matters is the result," but he's wrong. Capello got fired for winning ugly, dipshit.

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