Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quick Superbowl Thoughts

I'm leaving this weekend, so here are my quick thoughts on this weekend's Superbowl.

Patriots win 41-13.


Alright, I'll tell you why too. Last time the Giants caught the Pats off guard because of weather and Eli actually not throwing 100 ints. This time the game is in warm weather, Plax is talking mad shit like an idiot, and the Pats are playing mad mind games with fake ass injuries.

Brady has a cast on his he WALKS TO HIS GIRLFRIEND'S PLACE. His arm is injured...AS HE DOES A WHOLE DAY OF PRACTICE. I was talking to Omar Padilla (he used to be the NHL on and off writer for a place I used to write for) and guessed 55-10 Pats. I was tellin' him about a time when Bronco's coach Shanny Hanny got a heavy fine for lying about an injury to a player and ended up listed 42 players the next week. HAHAHAHAHH

In short, Pats are just messing around and everyone knows the Giants are due for an implode.

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