Sunday, February 3, 2008

Giants Manhandle Patriots

Out-coached. Out-played. Out-muscled. Out-smarted.

Just like it was a perfect storm for the Pats almost perfect season, it was a perfect storm for what had to happen in order for the Giants to upset the Patriots.

Last game in week 17, the Giants made Brady's life suck and that almost ruined the perfect regular season. Not until the END OF THE GAME did they figure to have Brady move out of the pocket to buy him more time. Giants didn't need to worry about double teaming all the weapons because Brady had no time to throw and Belicheck couldn't figure out how to buy Brady more time.

And how about the refs adding 1 more second after all the players were already on the field shaking hands and the coaches had already shook hands. They try to stop them from shaking hands, shortening the talk between the two head coaches and, just like any other person who hates fucking losing, Belicheck is like fuck that I'm going in the locker room I got owned. I know people are going to cry that he's a sore loser, but I understand.

Pats still could have won but messed up two easy int chances, so really the perfect storm had happened for the Giants to win. They deserved it. They proved that the league really is about parity and why it's the strongest professional league because anyone can win at any time.

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