Sunday, February 24, 2008

Futbol Weekly 4


Arsenal was in shock when Eduardo literally got his leg chopped off and ended up trying 2-2 to give Man U a chance to shit on Newcastle 5-1 and be within 3 points.

Warning: This video is pretty fucked unless you like horror movies.

Chelsea played terrible and lost the Carling Cup to Tottenham from a hand ball pk and Woodgate's first goal. Tottenham wins 2-1 and Chelsea boss Avram Grant shows sitting on your hands with awesome players isn't enough to win.

Liverpool got a hat trick from striker Fernando Torres, but they really looked terrible. The fans have chosen Liverpool boss Benitez's side, but his substitution pattern even leaves Oli Porter confused.

Pan-Pacific Title

Beckham set up two assists to help the Galaxy win third place over Sydney FC, 2-1.

Japan's Gamba Osaka took a big dump on MLS's Houston Dynamo 6-1 to show how far back the MLS is from actually having legit teams.

La Liga

Real Madrid had a 9 point lead in the beginning of Feburary. A month later, they are 2 points up and one loss away from being booted by Roma in the Champions League. Barca won 5-1 while Real Madrid's whole D got caught celebrating on a goal that was disallowed and Getafe went on the "counter" and scored 5 on 2. The problem was that the refs didn't happen to tell Real Madrid it was an offsides.

I haven't been writing much because I'm working on a super secret project that I'll probably reveal this week or next.

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