Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Free Agent Foofarah-- Randy Moss

Randy Moss reclaimed his status as the best wide receiver in the game in 2007. He had 1493 receiving yards, and an insane 23 of them went for TDs. He also caught what would have been the game winning TD in the Super Bowl were it not for Eli Manning's unconscionable game winning drive in the New Greatest Game Ever Played.

Randy's one season in New England was the final season of a free agent contract he signed with the Oakland Raiders back in 2005. His value has never been higher, but questions remain about how much of his success in New England was attributable to Tom Brady, to the Patriots O-line which gave him time to get open deep, and to Wes Welker, who created an underneath threat to take the heat off of the deep threat of Moss.

Most experts are saying that Moss would be a fool to do anything except sign a long term deal with the Patriots. Those experts are probably right, but that doesn't mean it's inevitable that Moss will remain in New England.

One scenario that isn't too hard to envision would be Moss signing with the Dallas Cowboys, which would give Tony Romo the opportunity to throw to the greatest wide receiver tandem in NFL history in Terrell Owens and Randy Moss.

Another would be Brett Favre getting his unfulfilled wish of last year and having the Packers land Moss.

I also wouldn't rule out Crazy Dan Snyder having his buddy Tom Cruise present him a suitcase filled with a gazillion dollars, luring him to Washington, or the Jets landing the next limp wristed slap in their never ending catfight with the Patriots and re-uniting Moss with college QB, Chad Pennington.

All of those scenarios seem unlikely, but then again, Moss seemingly holds all the cards right now, and the Patriots have never been a franchise to give into a player's demands. If Moss were to bolt, you can bet that they will find a way to get Chad Johnson out of Cincinnati, and plug him into the role that Moss filled in 2007.

Randy Moss, without question, is the number one prize in this year's free agent class. Where he ends up will go a long way toward determining the fates of a lot of teams in 2008.

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