Sunday, February 10, 2008

Futbol Weekly 3

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Rambo > Your Face

I just saw Rambo (a movie beat out by Meet the Spartans) and holy shit that rocked. I could never finish any of the previous Rambo movies because they were all...well...stupid. I'm sorry, but they weren't really action movies to me. So when this new Rambo movie came out, I didn't care. But I went out to see the movie and it's EXACTLY WHAT A RAMBO SHOULD BE.

Rambo hates life and literally says ,"Fuck the world." Some doctor volunteers come and are like. Rambo, can you boat our asses to Burma where people are getting killed and raped all day. In the best exchange in the movie, Rambo lets all the peacekeeping, anti-violence people know what's up:

Hot Chick Doctor: We can make a difference!
Rambo: Did you bring guns?
Hot Chick Doctor: No.
Rambo: Then you won't make a difference. Go home.

Of course, Rambo boats their asses there and some pirates are about to rape the doctor to which Rambo kills four guys in three seconds. The doctor's husband is like, "IMMA HAVE TO REPORT THAT. I KNOW YOU THINK WHAT YOU DID WAS RIGHT BUT KILLING IS ALWAYS WRONG." This shit is classic action movie.

Of course, the peacekeepers get buttfucked and Rambo comes in with a bunch of Mercs and pretty much opens the biggest can of ass on 100+ assholes to where I teared up because of how bad ass it was. I'm not going to force myself to watch the other boring ass Rambo movies, but this one was just a straight action movie. No boring parts.

Oh, if you didn't want to know what happened in the movie, don't read the above.

USA vs. Mexico

USA should have won 3-2, but the third goal got discounted. Mexican goalie Ochoa (who plays for my team Club America and is being looked at by Man U) just got shitted on. He couldn't save for shit. It was pathetic. This rivalry is so weird. Mexico has the better players but USA plays as a team more. I wish our USA Basketball team was like that.

La Liga: Real Madrid and Barcelona

Barca escaped with a tie and Real Madrid opened a can winning 7-0 without Robinho. Guti is one of those players that when he's on, it's pretty much over, but he's only on every 10-15 games. Madrid has an 8 point lead with a meow schedule. Uh oh.

English Premier League: Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Arsenal

Chelsea and Liverpool faced off and it was a congested, boring tie. Liverpool didn't have Torres and still played better than Chelsea. See, Oli! Moving from Liverpool to Chelsea isn't a downgrade.

Man U lost to cross-town rival Manchester City 2-1, but the score did not represent the teabag City laid across Man U's cheek. Arsenal seems destined for the EPL title. Man U boss Ferguson cried that they played poorly because they couldn't reschedule the game around the 50th annivery of the Munich air disaster that had a plane of Man U players crash. How about you have a stacked ass team. The retro, sponsorless gear was kinda cool, though.

MLS: DC United

Just as MLS allowed clubs to have more foreign players on their teams, DC United stacked their team with ten, including three Argentineans and two Brazilians. That's how you do it.

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