Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Little Soccer Tidbits

I saw Beckham on Snoop Dogg's fake reality show "Father Hood" and actually laughed. It was actually pretty good even though it's obviously scripted. Becks shot a bunch of goals on Snoop in front of Snoop's kids, then tried to help Snoop lie to his wife about ordering a salad. I swear it was funny in context.

Interliga is an FMF (Mexican Soccer) creation to determine who gets to play in the big South American tournament that's comparable to Champions League. Today was the last day before the finals and I'm going to the finals this Saturday because my favorite Mexican team, Club America, will be there. Cruz Azul also clinched as of this writing (one of the top four most popular Mexican soccer teams that includes Chivas, Pumas, and Club America).

Mexican clubs HATE this tournament because it's a tournament deciding who to send from games in the off season. It would be like USC playing UCLA in a preseason game to determine who goes to the Rose Bowl. However, the league makes FMF money (even though our dollar is shittier than Canadian money) and allows the MLS to see who to recruit for the Hispanic market.

Davino from Club America was picked up by FC Dallas today because of Interliga and won't take one of the three Designated Player spots because his salary isn't that high. On a side note, Denilson was released by FC Dallas. Denilson was herald as a signing "only second to Beckham," but my friend and I knew Denilson would suck as much cock as he did everywhere else he went. Denilson, if you don't know, was super-hyper when he was younger and flopped like a bitch. Many years later, he gets dumped by an MLS team. AAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHA

Newcastle dumped their manager Allardyce because, like Oli said, they suck. I had a bet with Oli about them, but I forgot what it was. I win.

Lyon (French Premier League) 21-year old stud striker Karim Benzama is the main transfer target of Real Madrid (25 mil my fucking gosh), but Benzama listed the clubs he would love to move to and did not mention Real Madrid (Juventus, Inter Milan, and Manchester United). Benzama's first choice would be Man U. Too bad they have a zillion strikers.

Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez is apparently pretty cool now with co-owners George Gillett Jr. (also Montreal Canadians owner) and Tom Hicks (also Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars owner). The two sides had friction before because Rafa wanted a Man U budget to pick up talent, but the Americans said eat dog shit causing Rafa to say Americans don't know shit about how European soccer works. I think it's good Benitez and the Americans are on the same page. Now Chelsea can outbid them every year HAHAHAHHAHAHAFUOLIPORTER.

I'm going to watch Club America play scrubs against Atlas now. Hug a friend or your friend's hot girlfriend.

Oh, here's a clip I found that pretty much is the funniest shit ever for Laker fans like me:


Oli said...

Man, you're just bitter because I knew Newcastle would do shit!

I win!!!

dook!e said...

I'm suing you for 3 quadrillion dollars.

patrick n said...

i am bitter :(