Sunday, July 19, 2009

MLS Refs Suck

So I'm totally into this preseason tourney with Inter, AC Milan, Club America and Chelsea. I'll be at the Chelsea/Inter match. So I'm watching Inter play CA and BOY DO MLS REFS SUCK. For a preseason, check it:

1) About 10 yellow cards
2) 2 red cards
3) One pk called back

It was so retarded that after the Inter goalie blocked a pk but then had to retake because of the SHITTY MLS REF calling it back, Jose Mourinho comes on the field and asks to take a pk because the refs are a joke. As you all know, I'm a Club America fan but both reds were retarded and calling that pk back was just shit. The MLS should be embarrassed about their refs. For YEARS MLS teams have complained about the quality of MLS refs falling on deaf ears. WELL SOMEHOW THEY FUCKED UP FRIENDLIES. Here is my email to the MLS:

Dear MLS:

Just watched Inter vs. Club America reffed by one of your world renown reffing crews. I must say that I have never been more embarrassed to be an American.

Please feel free to import your refs from other leagues so that Jose Mourinho doesn't have to embarrass your league, your refs, and all Americans by asking to take a Penalty Kick because your reffing crew is a joke.

With love,

Patrick N

Watched the Sounders vs. Chelsea match and them Seattle fans are REALLY REALLY good soccer fans. They were singing ALL match and have great songs. I think I'm switching from Galaxy to Seattle. Consider the Sonics forgotten. Fuck the NBA.

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