Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What I Think Of the Cardinals

OK so training camp is mere weeks away. I know because I've been waking up with hard nipples a lot lately. In the days leading up to training camp, I think it is important that you and I and everybody know where every team stands with me. I see no better way to do this than to take each team in alphabetical order and to give you a short, concise, interview with myself on how I feel about each of them. So I give you the first in what may or may not be a series of 32 interviews between Nicky P and his alter ego, Mr. Football.

NP- So the Cardinals went to the Super Bowl last year?

Mr.F- Yes, I'm pretty sure they did. Which is amazing. This is a team that headed into Week 17 of the regular season having lost 4 out of 5 games. And they lost them spectacularly. 35-14 to the Vikings, 47-7 to New England in a game that could have been 400-7, 48-20 to the Eagles. They were terrible.

NP- So how did they get to the Super Bowl?

Mr. F- Larry Fitzgerald turned into the best player in the NFL for a month, and basically would not be denied. You saw it in the Super Bowl, when he caught that pass over the middle from Kurt Warner and just pulled away from everyone to put this shitty Cardinals team ahead late in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. When you always always always have the best player on the field, you are always going to have a chance to win against anyone, and as mediocre as the NFL was last year, that was enough to almost get them a Lombardi trophy.

NP- Will they be back in the Super Bowl this year?

Mr. F- No.

NP- What are the areas of concern?

Mr. F- Anquan Boldin has been unhappy with his contract for the better part of 2 years, but he seems to set that aside on the field. A bigger concern is that the Cardinals have both new offensive and defensive coordinators this year, which is strange for a team coming off a Super Bowl run.

NP- Who's the fantasy sleeper on this team?

Mr. F- It shouldn't take long for Beanie Wells to take the starting job away from Tim Hightower. Unless Beanie Wells turns into the next Maurice Clarett. I'm struggling to think of the last Ohio St. running back to be any good in the NFL...Eddie George? Is he the last one? Hmmm. We're also talking about a team here that has struggled mightily to run the football competently since 1930. So, on second thought, stay away from Beanie Wells. Just load up on Cardinal receivers. Steve Breaston always makes a nice stocking stuffer.

NP- If you're coaching against the Cardinals, how do you beat them?

Mr. F- Play nickel or dime defense all day and dare them to run the ball. Turn loose your passing game because they don't rush the passer very well and their secondary is very mediocre.

NP- Is Kurt Warner a future Hall of Famer?

Mr. F- Absolutely.

NP- Will Matt Leinart ever be any good?

Mr. F- If Fitzgerald is still on the Cardinals after Warner retires, sure, he'll be fine. It's hard for a QB not to do well when you have a receiver like that.

NP- Prediction for the Cardinals...

Mr. F- Their schedule outside the division is tough this year, and the Seahawks, Rams and Niners all should be a little they won't go 6-0 in the NFC West again. The Cardinals may be a better team than last year, but go 7-9. One of those kind of things. That's the NFL for ya.


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